Advisory Board

CCS Advisory Board Nomination/Election Information

Nomination Information

Each CCS club will have the opportunity to nominate 1 member of their club as a candidate to represent their region on the Board.

Nominations will open February 1 and close March 15 at midnight EST.

Nomination requirements

Candidates must have at least 1 year of club officer experience.
Each candidate or club president should send the following items to by March 15 at midnight EST:

  • A letter of support from their club’s board
  • A short biography
  • A paragraph explaining why they are running for a seat on the CCS Advisory Board
  • A current head shot/picture

Election Information

Elections for elected directors shall open the Monday after the CCS National Championship meet and will conclude at midnight EST 2 weeks after they open. It is the job of the entire club board of each CCS team to decide which candidate they would like to support.

Only the club president can submit a vote.

Each team will have 1 vote and can only vote for their region. If a vote is not placed in the two-week voting window, that vote will not count.

Voting Process

Voting will occur online.

Each club president in that region will receive an email with voting instructions to the email they registered their CCS club with.

  • If there no candidates for that region, the Board will appoint that position(s).
  • If an elected Board member cannot serve their full term, the Board will appoint a successor.
  • If there is a tie, the Board will vote and serve as the tie-breaker.

Campaigning Rules/Restrictions

Campaign posters at CCS Nationals are prohibited 

The CCS Advisory Board shall consist of:

2 directors elected from each zone (elected directors)

Up to 4 Advisory Board alumni/recreational sports representatives, no more than 1 from each zone, appointed by the Advisory Board

2 U.S. Masters Swimming directors appointed by the USMS President

(CCS Governance Handbook 4.2.2 Elections and Term of Office)


Student Advisory Board Members

Adam Brzyski, Central Region
Missouri S&T

Anna Eisenbeis, Southern Region
University of Georgia

Jayden Howell, Western Region
Utah State University

Jacob Libby, Eastern Region
University of Virginia

Jake Callahan, Eastern Region
Rutgers University

Jake Grant, Southern Region
Georgia Tech

Jordan Vega, Western Region
University of California - Los Angeles 

Michael Cochenour, Central Region
Ohio State University

Non-Student Advisory Board Members

Rob Copeland
USMS Official

Dan Cox
USMS Board of Directors

Kristof Kertesz
Advisory Board Alumni

Jason Weis
Advisory Board Alumni

Maddie Sibilia
Advisory Board National Championship Liaison

Jenny Sternecker
Manager of Aquatic Venues, United States Olympic Committee

Meeting Minutes

2018 CCS Summit Meeting Recap