Records and Rankings


Per the CCS Governance Handbook, CCS will recognize historically best performances for the following meets:
  • College Club Swimming meets
  • CCS National Championship meet
  • CCS Regional Championship meets
Records will become official after the ratification of results in Championship Meets OR after submission and acceptance of the Record Application for a result attained at a CCS recognized non-championship meet.

*Records are updated within 10 days of receiving the application or after the conclusion of a championship meet.

It is the responsibility of the Club to submit the records application and all necessary materials to CCS within 7 days of the conclusion of the meet.


Per the CCS Governance Handbook, CCS shall maintain a ranking of performances attained in every recognized event each season. Recognized CCS meets that submit results within 7 days of the conclusion of the meet to CCS will have their results included in the rankings.