COVID-19 Information

Your health and wellness are our primary focus during these unprecedented times so, as we start the 2020-2021 school year, we wanted to provide some information and resources to make this season as safe and fruitful as it can be. There are still a lot of unknowns, but we are swimmers, a tight-knit resilient tribe. When we stick together, we can overcome any challenge in our way. 

Each of your universities will ultimately provide direction on how your club can practice, meet, travel, or compete and the below is supplementary to that. We have sent out a survey to club presidents to gather as much information as we can around what is happening with your club and at your school. If your club has not filled it out, please complete it. 

This page will also be used to share updates relating to registration, recognizing events, Regionals, Nationals and other COVID-19 updates:
CCS uses USMS insurance for its registered swimmers, registered clubs, and recognized events. Not all clubs need to use CCS’s insurance but, for those that do, please make sure you are familiar with and understand the CCS insurance information to know what is covered. Note: our insurance policy has not and will continue to not cover viral and bacterial infections (such as COVID-19). This is spelled out in the CCS swimmer registration Liability Waiver.
If your university is asking for an additional release that your swimmers must sign related to COVID-19, we have drafted a sample liability release

Socially Distanced Workouts
There are numerous resources on how to practice in a socially distance manner and safely start up your fall workouts, if it is allowed by your university or training facility. USA Swimming’s guide is the most comprehensive and has great visuals on how to best structure your lanes. The USA Swimming guide should be used as your main resource for workouts. USMS also has a guide and it is more focused on communicating with your swimmers and your facility.

Here are some suggestions for conducting practice safely this season:

If your pool facility is open:
  • Restrict lanes to 1 or 2 people per lane (at opposite ends if multiple swimmers are allowed)
  • Set up practice slot registration system to ensure everyone has the opportunity to practice and swim while controlling the size of the practice
  • Consider hosting intrasquad meets if your facility allows it
  • Encourage regular temperature checks and accountability within your club
  • Limit shared equipment use or encourage swimmers to bring their own equipment to practice
  • Have a plan for what to do if a member of your team contracts COVID-19 and inform your club supervisors
If your facility/instutition is closed:
  • Officers or captains can organize virtual workouts
  • Organize an intrasquad competition where athletes can earn points for logging workouts for the semester
  • Think outside the pool! Consider utilizing open water venues for practices
  • Consider taking dryland outside by going on group runs, doing yoga, or doing equipment-free circuit training.  
Virtual Events
CCS has introduced virtual meets to all registered clubs to create, host, and attend! Head over to the Virtual Events page for a tutorial. 

USMS Bridge Membership
For those who won’t be on campus or don’t have access to your school’s facilities, there are many USMS clubs that are training and would welcome CCS members. Once you register for CCS this year, you will have the ability to buy a $25 USMS bridge membership (a USMS membership usually costs $60). This bridge membership makes you a USMS member attached to your CCS club and allows you access to local USMS workouts. Contact your local USMS club to see what time their workouts are.

USMS has created over 20 articles to help educate, inspire, and motivate you. They have also created over 30 drylands, yoga, and running workouts to keep you in shape in your time away from the pool. Check them out in their member resources section.
If you have any questions, please contact us