Insurance Information

U.S. Masters Swimming is powering College Club Swimming and will be providing the insurance for CCS as well. Many of the documents below will have the USMS name and logo on them but they also apply to CCS. In connection with CCS recognized events and approved activities, CCS provides Participant Accident, General Liability and Excess Liability coverage for the protection and benefit of its registered members, member clubs, event hosts, employees and volunteers.

Types of Insurance Provided

Participant Accident Insurance

The USMS Participant Accident policy provides excess Accident Medical insurance coverage for CCS registered members and volunteers during CCS recognized or approved activities, including recognized meets, supervised practices, and pre-approved events.  The policy also provides Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), and Temporary Total Disability benefits to CCS members and event volunteers who are injured in connection with CCS recognized events or approved activities.

General Liability and Excess Liability Insurance

CCS also provides General Liability (and Excess Liability) coverage for liability claims brought by third parties alleging bodily injury, property damage, personal or advertising injury arising out of CCS recognized events or approved activities.  Named Insureds under the USMS liability policies include the registered members, clubs, event hosts, employees and volunteers.

More information regarding the CCS insurance programs can be found in the USMS Guide to Operations, Insurance section.


College Club Swimming Member Clubs are clubs that are members in good standing with College Club Swimming and whose athletes and coaches are members of College Club Swimming
Recognition as defined by College Club Swimming Rules and Regulations

Membership Requirements for CCS-Recognized Events and Approved Activities

All CCS Recognized Events and Approved Activities must be conducted in accordance with CCS rules and regulations. If an event or activity is NOT conducted in accordance with CCS rules and regulations (including the membership requirements as outlined below), the event or activity will NOT be sanctioned or approved by CCS and the CCS insurance will NOT apply. Here are the membership requirements for various types of CCS Recognized Events and Approved Activities:

Swim Workouts and Practices

Pool Workouts

All participants must be:

  • CCS registered members
  • There must be a person on deck directly supervising the workout who is:
  • A CCS registered member

Pool Workouts (CCS and USMS clubs working out together)

All participants must be:

  • CCS registered members, or
  • USMS registered members, or
  • Guest USMS members in their 30-day tryout period, or
  • Foreign Guest USMS members

There must be a person on deck directly supervising the workout who is:

  • A CCS registered member, or
  • A USMS registered member

Recognized Events

CCS-Recognized Pool Swim Meets

All participants must be:

  • CCS registered members
    • NOTE:  If a CCS member club is conducting an activity that has not been submitted and approved by CCS, it is imperative that the club obtain its own insurance coverage for the event or activity.

Incident Reporting

It is imperative that all incidents, no matter how minor, be reported to the USMS National Office as soon as practicable. The Incident Report Form should be used to report incidents.

Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance (Evidence Only or Additional Insured versions) are frequently required to be provided to third parties. 

For example, CCS clubs are often required to provide certificates of insurance to a facility owner/operator where the club or workout group holds its practices, workouts, meets, etc.  

In some cases, the facility owner/operator will simply want “proof of insurance” (i.e. an evidence only certificate) showing that the club has appropriate insurance.

In other cases, the facility owner/operator will want to be included as Additional Insureds under the USMS General Liability policy.  As an Additional Insured, the facility owner/operator will be protected against claims brought against them arising out of the acts or omissions of the club in connection with a CCS recognized or approved activity.

To request a certificate of insurance from the USMS National Office, please fill out this online certificate request form.  We also have a document that explains what information we need in the online request form. 

Request a Certificate of Insurance

Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. What happens to my club or practice group’s liability insurance if non-CCS members are in the water at the same time as CCS members during a swim practice?

    General liability coverage is voided if the swimmers are intermingled unless:

    • There is a lane separation (CCS members are in lanes 1–3 and non-CCS members are in lanes 4–6), the swimmers in lanes 4-6 are not participating in the practice, and there is a CCS member directly supervising the CCS practice only (lanes 1-3 in this example).
    • The non-CCS member is a registered USMS member.
  2. For some of the activities listed above, there is a requirement that a person be "directly supervising” the activity. How do you define "directly supervising”?

    “Direct Supervision” is defined as “line of sight”. The participants must be in the supervisor’s direct line of sight. This means the supervisor of a workout cannot be in the water practicing with the group, in the office doing paper work, etc.

  3. I am a CCS member in good standing.  I frequently work out by myself.  Does my CCS insurance provide coverage for this activity?

    No.  In order for either the CCS General Liability and Participant Accident coverage to apply, a CCS registered member must be supervising the practice or organized workout.

  4. Dry land training—Does the current CCS insurance cover swimmers and coaches during supervised dry land exercises out of the pool area (i.e., Nautilus, free weights, running, or strength training)?

    Insurance would cover swimmers and coaches during supervised dry land exercises out of the pool area. The key word is “supervised.” The same requirements of supervision must be observed whether the swimmers are in or out of the pool during training periods, whatever the nature.

  5. A swimmer in my practice (or swim meet) suffered an injury. Do I need to report this? How?

    Yes, all incidents (even if they involve only minor injuries) should be reported to CCS using the USMS Incident Report Form.  Instructions for mailing are on the form.

  6. Are other sports, such as water polo, covered by CCS insurance?

    No. Sports such as competitive water polo, synchronized swimming, underwater hockey, springboard diving, or platform diving are not covered. (The only diving that is allowed is from a USMS-approved starting platform, or from the side of the pool.) Contact the USMS National Office for a more complete list.

  7. A USA Swimming or USMS member acts as an official or in another volunteer capacity at a CCS event. How is the USA Swimming or USMS member insured for this CCS activity?

    Coverage for the volunteer would be provided under the CCS insurance programs, since volunteers are insureds under the CCS insurance programs and CCS membership is NOT required to serve as a volunteer at a CCS recognized event.

  8. Do the CCS insurance programs provide Workers’ Compensation, Health insurance, or Disability income insurance benefits to CCS coaches or ALTS (Adult Learn to Swim) instructors?

    No.  The CCS insurance programs do NOT provide these coverages to CCS coaches or instructors.

  9. Does CCS provide any type of auto liability or physical damage insurance for the CCS local member clubs or CCS members?

    No.   Auto insurance is not provided under any of the CCS insurance programs.

Additional insurance information, including certificates of insurance and claims, can be obtained by contacting member services at the USMS national office. Telephone is 941-256-USMS (8767).